Welcome to the Dankoville Stories site. We are just getting started here in June 2014. The stories you see from earlier dates are from the archives of our contributing authors.

Here’s an article announcing this site and the Dankoville Story Group.

This site features posts of stories taking place in or relating to Dankoville, a fictional small town in a rural area in the Corn Belt of the United States.

Some original pieces may appear here as well as cross posts from these story blogs…

The Further Adventures Of Danko Whitfield, Semi Retired Time Traveller

The Dreaming Tree: The Story of Audrey Moore

Although it is fictional, the town does exist – and you can visit! – through the magic of OpenSim virtual worlds. You can find info about more about Dankoville here…


Come visit!

HG address:



This site © 2014-2016 Danko Whitfield

Original material by Danko Whitfield, © 2013-2016 Danko Whitfield

Original material by Jamie Wright,  © 2014-2016 Jamie Wright


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